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Deadly Premonition inspired headphones made for iamtomblr here on tumblr! I really watered down the paint and let it drip over the head piece - tried to make it look like the raincoat killer! I found myself humming Life is Beautiful while I worked on these today hahah :’D

everyone play this game, please. It’s insane.

more headphonezzzz, deadly premonition this time. hope you like them, Term! :>

(are YOU following undead pixels yet? :T)

Holy shit. Like oh my god. These are the greatest things I have ever seen in my fucking life :0 DEADLY PREMONITION HEADPHONES…anyone who is not Karlee please go follow undead pixels NAO! And seriously karlee…bravo. Just insane (also anyone who doesn’t know deadly premonition, what are you still doing on tumblr. Go play it!!!

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